Open Letter to People Who Always Ask for Homework


Caleb Bryley (11) asks William Pang (11) for last nights homework minutes before they have to go to first block.

Herald Staff Member

Dear people who always ask for homework,

Are you incapable of doing the work yourself? Did you have some dire situation that prohibited you from finishing homework for this class only? It is time you started taking responsibility for the work that was assigned to you. When you come into class, I am expecting a ‘hi’ and to hear about how your day has been so far, not for you to immediately ask me for the previous night’s homework.

Of course, I will give it to you. In the heat of the moment, I do not want you to suffer a bad grade. This routine you have started, though, it has to stop. When you are constantly asking me for the homework, it makes me more and more annoyed with you. Just do the homework to begin with! It is there to help you understand what we are doing in class. Yes, it may be a pain sometimes, but homework is beneficial to you when you take the time to sit down and do it. Homework is a way for you to find what you do and do not understand and a way for you to prepare questions for the next day. When you are constantly asking me for mine, are you actually learning anything? Or are you copying the work down simply for the grade? When you are sitting there, writing everything at warp speed, you are not retaining anything.

Later, I get the joys of hearing you complain about how the class is so hard. If you want to understand what we are doing, do the work. I get that it will take some time out of your schedule, but you have to understand that while you are a teenager, you are still a student. Plus, doing the homework not only helps you to better grasp the concept, but it also teaches you time management skills. With homework from other classes, students often plan out certain times they have to get their homework done by in order to complete everything. This skill can be very useful in college. So, the next time you come into class prepared to ask for my homework, ask yourself, are you actually gaining anything from this?



An annoyed peer