International Food Festival Tomorrow


Spanish teacher Senorita Harper poses in front of the Costa Rican flag advertising for the International Food Fest.

Lucy Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

Tomorrow morning at 8:00 in room 106, 107, and 109, Wade Hampton students will have the opportunity to take part in an exciting event where they can sample food from countries around the globe. French Club, German Club, and Spanish Club put on this festival every year, combining something that almost everyone loves, eating, with a lesson about other cultures. As students enjoy the delicious treats made by members of the participating clubs, they can read about the country that the dish originated from. French Club will serve croissants, Belgian waffles, and other delicious food from countries where French is the dominant language. German Club will have apple strudel, boiled eggs, and black forest cake. Spanish Club will have rice and beans, empanadas, and coffee harvested in Latin America.

“By giving students the opportunity to experience other cultures in the comfort of their own learning environment, Spanish Club, French Club, and German Club are helping to open students’ eyes to other ways of life through food, language, and cultural aspects in general. It’s so important to learn openly about cultures other than our own especially during the school age years because that’s the time when our opinions become pretty solidified,” said Spanish Club president and senior Savannah Keating. This communion of sorts brings together the three language clubs and highlights their importance. They each allow students to become more involved with the language that they are studying. Whether this is through after school events or monthly meetings before school, every member leaves the club with a more global mindset.

Trying foods from different cultures can be enlightening for anyone. Get a pass from any foreign language teacher to experience the festival firsthand.