Seniors Who Play Sports Have a Big Impact on Team


Senior Ella McCall walks down the field before her last varsity lacrosse game.

Luna Riley, Staff Reporter

Playing a sport, whether it is with or without the school; promotes teamwork, discipline, focus, and participation. Even though sports are not for everyone, being part of a team can create meaningful relationships that can last up to four years. Seniors who have been playing for a long time on the same team can develop a certain connection with their teammates. Being a senior on a varsity sport is a big responsibility, and being on a team for four years is highly respected. Seniors contribute more time and effort than almost anyone else by leading, teaching, being a good example to younger team members, and proving that being on a sports team is about more than winning. According to the US Marine Corps, “The National Alliance for Youth Sports believes that participation in sports and activities develops important character traits and lifelong values in children which can create a positive impact in their lives.”


At WHHS, teams such as lacrosse, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, etc. recognize and celebrate the hard work that seniors put in to make sure the season is extra special. Some teams make posters, put up balloons, bring presents, and make other gifts to show their appreciation for how much the seniors have done. Many upperclassmen do not realize the effect they have on younger teammates. Seniors especially are vital motivators and friends to underclassmen to hopefully motivate them to stay on a sports team throughout high school. Senior Ella McCall said, “Being a senior on the team, I’ve gotten many opportunities. I was asked a few times to lead small groups in different drills as well as coach larger groups during practice.”