What Happens to All The Information Given Online?

Alex Stern, Staff Reporter

Nobody usually thinks twice about putting personal information online. People’s name, phone number, address, email, birthday, and more, is all over the internet and they might not even realize it. When people pay for an item online, they give their computer their credit card information but all that information has to go somewhere right? When someone gives Google their personal information, where does it go? It is said that all this information goes into a secure server owned by Google. This server is like a huge online safe that only Google has access to. Now what happens if that information is not as secure as originally thought? 

Google, one of the largest search engines in the world, is under an antitrust investigation. What is an antitrust investigation? This is an investigation that helps keep businesses from holding too much power over one industry. So instead of this causing two businesses to merge into one, legislators at state and federal levels can take action to break up large companies. Hence the name “antitrust”, the goal of this investigation is to find out what is happening to the information that is supposedly locked in Google. The U.S Government wants to know what is happening with the information people are providing to them. Is Google selling it? Are they keeping it locked up forever? Google does not let out their secrets which is why this investigation has been launched. In total, fifty United States territories and states have announced their broad investigation launches against Google.