On the Hunt for Scholarships


Onalee Durham (12) scrolling through Fastweb to find new scholarships.

Amanda Wampler, Staff Reporter

College application season is in full swing, and with that comes major stress about grades, time management, and most of all, money. The mass majority of students have the responsibility of funding either part of their college cost or the full amount. Even though the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) has not opened quite yet, students can start gaining college money through scholarships. Though scholarships seem to be pretty self explanatory, they can be challenging to find and apply to. This article will hopefully create a clear and more concise list of where to find scholarships and how to apply.  

First, what is a scholarship? Scholarships are awards of financial aid given to students based on a certain criteria. These scholarships can have any kind of requirements, and any student that fits under those requirements can apply. Some scholarships are run through specific schools, some are for certain states, and some are for the whole country. What scholarships a student applies for is all based on their future plans and how much money they may need. Scholarships can be time consuming to apply to, so starting early is important to get the most money. 

Now the important part: where can scholarships be found? First, it is important to note that not all scholarships require an application. Sometimes, students are automatically considered after they send their application to a school. It all depends, so make sure to read the fine print. One great resource was made by the school counselors. This spreadsheet is full of information and opportunities for not only colleges in the state, but colleges all over the country as well. Most of these have a link and a set of requirements, so be sure to read over those and check to see if all the qualifications are met. 

Another great resource is Fastweb. After making an account, Fastweb will connect students to scholarships they match with. These are country-wide scholarships, so they are more competitive than state scholarships. It is, however, still important to apply because who knows what will come from it? Senior Onalee Durham discovered Fastweb after her IGP and she thinks it is a great resource. She said, “It is so easy to find scholarships that I could not see before. I love it.”  Another way to find national scholarships is through the College Board search. This will show students a huge variety of scholarships that are open.

For any students still having trouble finding scholarships, do not fret, most seniors are dealing with the same issues. The Wade Hampton counselors are available for appointments most of the time, just sign up through the counseling website. They are always available and open to helping seniors navigate the challenges of college. So even though it can be a daunting process, things will work out, and there are always school officials ready to help.