Tough Time With The Raiders


Oakland Raiders Coach Jon Gruden and former Raider, Antonio Brown sit side by side at a press conference.

River Herron, Staff Reporter

The off-season is a time of progression between a player and his team. In order for new players to get used to the environment around them, it is essential for team relations that the athletes get that eight-month period of bonding. In case people missed it, this years 2019 NFL off-season was one for the books. Behind the curtains of major headlines in the NFL like OBJ being traded and Rob Gronkowski announcing his retirement, famous wide receiver Antonio Brown had an ongoing conflict with his newly appointed team, the Raiders. Sports are not what they used to be. It seems like professionally played sports back in the day used to be solely about the love of the game, to do nothing other than enjoy doing what fans love to do, and be lucky and athletic enough to do it for a living. In the past few decades, professional sports seem to be losing their root values and unintentionally moving backward in the direction of the financial aspect of it all, and that is where the whole Antonio Brown situation started…money.

He made his debut in Oakland as a Raider after a $30 million dollar contract. Brown’s first drawback caused him to sit out most of the team’s off-season training camp because of a foot injury. Even after allowing his foot to heal, it seemed like one setback would come right after another. After his preferred helmet was banned from use by the NFL in the off-season, Brown faced more problems when his vacation time came. This was no paid vacation though; the wide receiver was fined a reported $54,000 by his own team for failing to show up to practice which lead to him threatening to punch the Raiders manager, Mike Mayok. “I think Brown is an outstanding athlete,” football player Jevon Carter (12) says, “however he has off field struggles that make his character and attitude appear immature.” The events following the teams altercations on Antonio Brown’s part were a little on the unsportsmanlike-like side. On September 7th, Brown posted on his Instagram a picture with a caption expressing his desire to leave the team, “Release me @Raiders #NOMore,” he writes. After only a few hours of being a free agent, the New England Patriots scooped up Brown and have big plans with him for the future.