World’s Newest Trend: Themed Restaurants


Alex Stern, Staff Member

Pop culture has become an industry that more and more people are getting involved in everyday. Pop culture reaches people of different ages, race, gender, and personality all over the world. From all of the different movies, actors, musicians, and influencers out there, there is something for everyone. As a way to reach consumers, pop culture themed restaurants have been popping up all around the world. Places such as London, Switzerland, New York, and Los Angeles have been opening up some crazy restaurants to attract business using common shows, celebrities, and musicians as inspiration. 

Disney fanatics are raging at London’s newest “Classic English Tea” spot. Tea Terrace is a tea room in London that embodies every trait of an absolute fairy tale. The environment is inspired by a Disney classic, Cinderella. It even goes as far as to have a carriage as a table, symbolizing Cinderella’s magic pumpkin carriage, to enjoy your meal and tea in. Even in Switzerland, movies are reaching consumers through restaurants. Giger, the famous concept artist who was a part of the famous horror film Alien , helped create an “Out of this world” look to draw customers in.  “Sometimes people only see horrible, terrible things in my paintings,” Giger once said. “I tell them to look again, and they may see two elements in my paintings – the horrible things and the nice things.” Giger used the same strategies he puts in his art for the restaurant. Other restaurants around the world have been inspired by the famous Doctor Who  TV series (New York) , Friends (Singapore),and The Golden Girls (New York) ,and Marvel (Kentucky).