The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars: My Last Homecoming


Morgan Bruton (11) dances to a song played at this years homecoming with a group of friends.

Nevaeh Arnold, Editor-In-Chief

Like many seniors, I headed into my last homecoming with mixed feelings. While homecoming always elicits a sense of excitement over the fun to be had, this year also brought a sense of sadness as it will be the last one for us seniors. My sister Meghan Arnold (9) and I spent the majority of the day preparing for the nights festivities. This was another bittersweet factor for me; this homecoming would be the first and only one I would get to experience with my sister. 

Arriving at Fluor Daniel, the location of this years homecoming, I was surprised to see the line was already out the door given that we showed up so early. As we entered the building the dance floor was packed with students ready to dance the night away. The venue was beautifully decorated. Each table was adorned with diamond circle center pieces and gold star confetti, fitting choices since this years theme was “The sun, the stars, and the moon.” The theme seemed perfect because inside those walls, it was as if we were in our own universe, even if just for awhile.

I can honestly say that this was the best homecoming yet. I had an amazing night with the person I love and my little sister by my side. We danced and sang like no one was watching, and if they were we did not care! We had the most wonderful time with each other and our friends. The night was filled with love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime. Sophomore Sandy Abdelnabi said, “Homecoming was really fun and I look forward to next years.” I myself loved every second of it and it was just as magical as the name suggested it would be. My last homecoming as a General was one I will never forget.