This is Who?


Frank Micelotta/20th Century Fox Television/PictureGroup

This is Us Cast at the premier event for Season 4.

Amanda Wampler, Staff Reporter

NBC welcomes back old favorites in this year’s fall TV show lineup. Shows like New Amsterdam, the Good Place, and This is Us make their impressive returns with explosive season premiers. Unlike the first two, This is Us marks their return with something different; a whole batch of fresh faces. This season, the show introduced multiple new characters to support the main ones, and viewers are intrigued to find out where their stories go.

Last season left watchers anxious about the outcome of a few huge plotlines. Last season revealed a shocking truth about Rebecca, a fearful fate about Kevin, and a heartbreaking story of Kate’s. As season four progresses, people want to see a story develop about Kate’s new baby, Randall and his family, and Kevin’s way to deal with his addiction. The new characters, three main ones to be exact, seem to be random, but the first episode shows they have deep connections with current favorite characters. As to not reveal any spoilers, fans need to watch to discover who these characters are.

One reason This is Us is so beloved is because of the relatability of the characters. Anyone who watches it can relate to at least one character in the show. All the characters are well developed and show a complex range of emotions that feel completely real. Viewers have watched for three years and seen the impressive ways that each character has grown, so many are waiting to see if the creators of the show will bring the same intrigue to the new characters. Junior Jessica Wampler said, “I love This is Us because the characters are so cool and interesting, plus the show is so emotional so it is great watching it every week.”

All the fans are in for a treat this fall as they learn about stories old and new. Catch up on This Is Us on Tuesdays at 9 on NBC.