The Week is Coming: How to Prepare for Spirit Week


Mitchell Evans (11) and Gracie Sandidge (11) jump for joy after seeing that spirit week is only 9 days away.

Sydney Dunlap, Staff Reporter

Spirit Week at Wade Hampton is one of the most chaotic, exhilarating, tiring, and joyful weeks that a student will ever experience. From Saturday, starting at 12:01, until the Friday night football game, it is nonstop fun. People will be dressed in their craziest costumes and Student Council members will be shaking their change buckets and yelling until they no longer have a voice. Even teachers will join in on the fun with special advantages being offered for a price. After all, the whole week is not just for fun. It is part of a giant plan to raise money for this year’s charity, The Meyers Center, which focuses on helping children with disabilities. With all this action, some steps can be taken to ensure that Spirit Week is as fun as possible. 

The first step to preparing for Spirit Week is getting rid of any unneeded stress. One way students can do this is by going through the calendar and deciding what events they want to go to.  This helps them create a budget for themselves since it can be easy to overspend during Spirit Week if not careful. Plus, with an understanding of what events they want to go to, students can create a schedule for themselves with a plan for what days they want to get to school early or stay late. Asking teachers about getting work ahead of time is also a great way to lessen the load during such a busy week. Most students might be staying at school later than they would on most school nights, so they can use extra time in the days before to get the homework done early. That way, they will not have to miss out on an event or go to bed late. That being said, it is also a good idea to get some extra sleep leading up to Spirit Week. It is a very high energy time with many late nights and early mornings that are much easier if students are well-rested. 

What makes Spirit Week different, however, are the opportunities to show school spirit, and enjoy some awesome activities with friends. One way to take advantage of this is by spending some money on outfits. Students do not want to spend too much of their valuable funds during this week on clothes, so thrift and value stores are the way to go. Some great options are Gabe’s, and Goodwill. Getting some glitter or face paint, either in school colors or the powderpuff team color, is a great way to show spirit throughout the week. As Junior President Roger McCrary states, “Best thing you can do to prepare for Spirit Week is to get your outfits ready, bank account primed, and most importantly get ready to show off your school spirit!” 

Although it is helpful to do all of those things in order to have a better week, the best way to make Spirit Week amazing is by having a positive attitude. Spirit Week is as good as people decide to make it. If everyone is happy and excited, it will be excellent no matter the amount of money raised. In the end, it is the Wade Hampton student body that makes Spirit Week such a fantastic time of the year.