The Hong Kong Protests Against China Are Affecting The NBA


A tweet about standing with Hong Kong.

Alden Wise, Staff Reporter

Over the past few months, Hong Kong has been protesting against China every weekend to help build a greater democracy for Hong Kong. CNN says “the demonstrations have evolved from millions marching through the streets, to groups of protesters in hard hats storming government headquarters and shutting down the city’s international airport for two days. While the majority of protesters have been peaceful, frustration is building on all sides.” These protests have been going on every weekend for the past few months to get more people involved which has also made it a lot harder for police to control. Police have to use shields to get through crowds and must use tear gas or even fire to try and stop the protesters. 

Recently, the general manager of the NBA team, Houston Rockets, tweeted out a picture stating “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong.” That tweet soon spread to many people in China because so many natives follow along with the NBA. The tweet had to be taken down due to how much hate it got. The NBA then had to write and share an apology letter for the offensive actions made. Junior Rylee Milz says, “I believe the NBA and anyone involved with the NBA is allowed to state and stand by their political beliefs. The Hong Kong protests in which Hong Kong tries to maintain being separate from the rest of China has been very brutal with many getting very injured. It is almost impossible to ignore everything that has happened with China so showing support for Hong Kong trying to keep their democratic government like the US should not be something looked down upon or to receive backlash.” China was very upset and unsettled by the post because more of China’s citizens watch or keep track than American citizens and they felt betrayed by the company. This caused China to disconnect with the NBA by making sure no one is able to watch it in China. Due to the loss of Chinese citizens watching, NBA’s viewings went down and they were not making a lot of money. Police are still trying to calm down the Hong Kong protests, while China figures out when to release, if releasing at all, the NBA channel on cable again for millions to watch.