Mitsubishi’s Mi-Tech is Roofless, Doorless, and Runs on Alcohol


Mitsubishi's innovative Mi-Tech vehicle powered by a gas turbine engine allows alcohol to be used as a source of fuel.

Christine Wu, Staff Reporter

First revealed on October 23th at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi’s new Mi-Tech vehicle had all of their observers blown away with both its visuals and its functions. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer whose headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. They are additionally responsible for developing and distributing related parts such as exhaust systems, fuel pumps, brake calipers, and powertrains. Mitsubishi’s vision and mission is to “create vibrant society by realizing the potential of mobility” through providing creative products, sustainable developments, and excellent service. Another one of their primary goals is to expand their lineup of electrified vehicles achieved through focusing on electrification technology.

The Mi-Tech has certainly checked at least three of the four boxes as their exterior is laden with blocky lines and fat fender flares, creating a muscular, off-roader look. One intriguing design choice was the lack of doors and roofs. When asked what he thought of a roofless, doorless car, junior Mitchell Evans responded stating that, “it would be an awesome concept, because it’s like a convertible and a Jeep combined.” On the interior, two seats and a beige colored dash can be found along with Mitsubishi’s fullscreen display. Additionally, there is an impressive reality windshield that displays data of the surroundings gathered by the car’s sensors, which is especially convenient and helpful when visibility is poor. The Mi-Tech also has Mi-Pilot, a driver assistant that works on unpaved roads.

Although the visuals and interactive technology has been impressive so far, what is more impressive is what can be found underneath the car. The Mi-Tech is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) which means that both battery-powered electricity and gasoline can be used as the power source. Besides gasoline, the gas turbine engine being used as a generator will run on most combustible liquids such as diesel, kerosene, and alcohol. The turbine engine was also specifically chosen for its small size, high power, and smooth operation. With four motors, each are able to control an individual wheel, allowing it to adjust precisely to off-road settings.

Despite its magnificent traits, currently there are a number of impossibilities with the concept of the Mi-Tech. For example, a doorless and roofless vehicle would have a difficult time passing road safety standards, and Mitsubishi has not developed any car-ready turbine engines. However, with the direction of our technological advancements, it is without a doubt those impossibilities will become possibilities in the near future.