Nancy Drew Is On The Case

The poster for the new Nancy Drew series.

The poster for the new Nancy Drew series.

Nevaeh Arnold, Editor-In-Chief

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As a child, one of the very first large series I read was Nancy Drew. I would sit for hours devouring book after book of the collection, drawn in by the mysteries and the many possibilities and unexpected twists that the books held within. It is always a desire that a movie or show be produced from books readers absolutely adore, and this series was no different. It may have taken a while, but that time has finally come for the Nancy Drew books. A new mystery/crime show called Nancy Drew started streaming on October 9th on the CW network. Only four episodes have been released for season one so far, each running at about forty-five minutes. Being a fan of the books, I decided to give the show a chance and started watching it recently. 

One of the first things I noticed about the show was the acting. While there are some well-known actors, others are less known. Kennedy McMann (Nancy Drew) is known for her casting in the show Gone while Tunji Kasim (Ned Nickerson) is known for playing Joe Bailey in Nearly Famous. There are multiple other actors, but these two seem to have more screen time than the rest. Their acting is okay for the most part, but there are some scenes that would have turned out a lot better had both actors had more experience under their belts. Although, the actors do a good job at conveying the chemistry their characters are suppose to have with each other while also showing conflicted emotions within the first couple of episodes that have to do with the story line. The acting for the entire cast overall, however, could use improvement. The show feels like the entire cast is new to acting and they are trying to find their comfort zone within their acting skills, which is in no way a bad thing. 

The show itself is interesting. It is definitely a more grown up version than the books that kids read in elementary school. There is some brief sex scenes, however they are not explicit. It is more of a hint to show what is going to happen rather than actually showing it happen. The show also focuses more on a paranormal/murder mystery within the first few episodes. It is a lot different than the books. It kind of merges different plots from books into one, with more than one case being solved. Doing this though does add a bit more intensity to the show. The characters differ from the books though. What is suppose to be the cousins of Nancy, Georgia (George) and Bess, are now just people she knows. George is an enemy from high school while Bess is a girl that moves to Nancy’s town during the summer. Ned is Nancy’s boyfriend however, much like in the books. When it comes to the storyline though, the show is decent. There are some factors that have viewers a little on edge as it happens while other scenes seem downright unnecessary. The episodes are slow the first two, but I do think it gets a little better during the third and fourth episodes. 

Overall, I am a little disappointed with the show, but I still have some hope for it. I am definitely going to give the show the benefit of the doubt and I am going to watch it further into the season. I am intrigued by the storyline the writers have going on at the moment, but it could be more engaging and could have a little more of a mystery aura to it.