Blue Buckets for Autism Awareness

Moms around the country supporting blue Halloween buckets for children with autism.

Moms around the country supporting blue Halloween buckets for children with autism.

Luna Riley, Staff Reporter

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Halloween, along with all other holidays can be stressful on families and friends, and with the pressure of picking out candy and presents it can cause an overload of anxiety. It gets even harder for children with allergies, disabilities, or illnesses because parents are constantly watching over and making sure everything is safe, but they deserve to have a fun Halloween just like everyone else. Their barrier should not stop them from having a good holiday, and parents around the world are always coming up with ways to help. Omairis Taylor and her son Luke, who is non-verbal and has autism, came up with a system that people all over Facebook loved. Taylor made a post on Facebook saying that he would be carrying a blue Halloween bucket so that people would know and be aware. In an article on USA Today it states, “She said that when she and her son were out for Halloween last year, people waited for him to say “trick or treat” before giving him candy.”

Parents all over the country followed Omairis Taylors lead, and not only did it become a world-wide autism awareness campaign, but it helped children become comfortable and safe during Halloween. In an interview with USA Today, Taylor said, “He was getting frustrated, and it was just too much. It was like an overload for him. They weren’t being rude at all. Just trying to get the kids to enjoy the holiday. And I had to be like, ‘Hey, my son is not being rude. He’s very particular with the candy.” Hopefully, in the future, this helpful tradition will continue to ensure that all children enjoy the holidays and eat lots of fun candy. Junior Randall Martin said, “I’m allergic to chocolate so I understand how hard it could be for some kids.”