Time to Pay Attention to Politics


Emily Farrior (11) and Goldie Guy (11) took advantage of the opportunity to be more involved in their government by participating in the climate strike earlier this year.

Sydney Dunlap, Staff Reporter

For young people who are often preoccupied with homework, sports, and extracurriculars, politics seems like a confusing and controversial topic. Many teenagers avoid it altogether. However, these high school years are one of the best times to start getting more involved in the American system. All the decisions that the government makes help shape the world that teens will become adults in. With the technology that allows young people to easily find ideas they feel strongly about and express their opinion, it is time for teenagers to engage and understand the politics that run their world. 

The first step to a better understanding of politics is merely watching the news. Researching confusing topics or phrases while watching the latest events can also help clear up some confusion and further understanding. A great way to be kept up to date is by choosing a few politicians to follow on social media. They often post about important information that is important to them, and may also be relevant to the teens that support them. Eventually, teenagers can become even more involved in their community by volunteering for local representatives in the area. With the recent elections, many students volunteered to campaign for representatives that shared their beliefs. Without their help, the recent council seat winners, Dorothy Dow, Ken Gibson, and John DeWorken, would not have won their elections. Many teens have also worked to voice their opinion in the government by joining organizations that join young adults together for marches and rallies that show the world what they care about. Because some young people decide to become more involved in the government around them, there have been significant movements for ideas such as gun control and climate change. 

High school is only a few years away from full adults that are required to be responsible members of American society. As an adult, students will have the opportunity to vote and have an active voice in deciding who will represent them. At that time, they must be ready to make an informed decision, but to do that, teenagers must start getting involved now. Just because they cannot vote, it certainly does not mean that they do not have a role and voice. Now is the time to learn, grow, and make decisions that will impact the world they live in. As junior Gracie Sandidge says, “Now we have the opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves, so it’s important to understand and fight for what you believe in.” The world can only be changed if the younger generation commits to doing so. Homework, sports, and extracurriculars may be important to teenagers now, but eventually, the world will be in their hands, so now is the time to take action.