Signing Day for Wade Hampton Athletes


Hailey Putman (12), Ethan Gaines (12), Cason Whitmire (12), and Ben Erkens (12)

Keigan Tucker, Staff Reporter

On November 13th, four of Wade Hampton’s senior athletes signed to various colleges to continue playing the sports they love after high school. Hailey Putman signed for softball at Piedmont International in North Carolina. Ethan Gaines signed to USC Upstate for cross country and track. Cason Whitmire signed for baseball to College of Charleston. And last but not least Ben Erkens Signed to Clemson for soccer. All of these students are fantastic athletes and will do great things in college. When asked how they were feeling, what they are most excited about, and what making this decision felt like they had a lot to say. Cason Whitmire said, “I am excited about playing baseball. I love sports and I am ready to go play with a solid team. The decision for College of Charleston was pretty easy. With the help of my family and coaches I was able to make the decision. I am thankful for the opportunity The College of Charleston is giving me”. Ben Erkens said, “For me, it was truly a special moment. Being raised a Clemson fan, it means so much to be able to represent the orange and purple playing the sport I love. As far as the actual signing day at Wade Hampton, it was really awesome to have all the people that helped me and made this all possible there to support me in that moment. Really would not be possible without the love and motivation shown by those people.” It is clear this was a big moment for everyone involved, so a big congratulations goes out to Hailey, Ethan, Cason, and Ben.