Make a Difference this Thanksgiving


Harvest Hope Food Bank is one of many good places to volunteer this Thanksgiving.

Avery Haan, Staff Reporter

With the season of giving coming up, many people are looking for ways to serve their community. Here are only a few of the many organizations in Greenville that would be great to get involved in this Thanksgiving. 

Harvest Hope Food Bank is a great way to get involved this holiday season. Harvest Hope’s mission is to “provide for the needs of hungry people by gathering and sharing quality food with dignity, compassion, and education.” Last year they fed approximately 40,425 people a day, and totaled more than 22.9 million meals in 2018. They utilize around 11,000 volunteers a year in their emergency food pantry or product rescue. Volunteers will sort and pack food as well as help with client intake.

Another great place to consider volunteering at is Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels is an organization that helps the homebound and elderly obtain meals each day. Last year, they delivered 336,044 meals, and 1,184 pet meals. Meals on Wheels needs 130 volunteers to drive their different routes every day to deliver the packaged meals. Other than delivering them directly to people’s homes, volunteers can also package the nearly 1,500 meals that are delivered each week. There is also an opportunity to package pet food to deliver to people’s pets.

Greer Soup Kitchen is also a great nonprofit place to volunteer. The soup kitchen provides one free meal a day to anyone who comes in, often serving over 150 meals a day. It needs 125 volunteers a day to pick up or haul food, sort and store food, work in the garden and grounds, cook, clean up, wash dishes, and make donations. Some of the nonprofit’s current needs include forks, napkins, barbeque sauce, baked beans, sugar, green beans, wide aluminum foil, bowls, and divided dinner plates.

These are only a handful of the tons of places to serve this year. Research will reveal many other wonderful organizations that need help this Thanksgiving as well. As sophomore Camille Creps said, “Everyone loves the wonderful feeling of the holiday spirit, but not everyone is able to have that. By volunteering, you can make someone else’s holiday as amazing as yours.”