Former Clemson Players Organize Gift Exchange


These are some families involved in the event creating fun times and gifts for the holidays.

Alden Wise, Staff Reporter

On November 30th, Shaq Lawon, Tajh Boyd, and CJ Fuller all worked together to create an event to give gifts to families in need. This event has been going on for four years now and the players are proud of how far they have come with this event since the first year. Together, each of their foundations worked to create a special event to make this Christmas great for people who usually can not celebrate Christmas due to the lack of money these families make. The former players and the mothers of each player helped create this event for kids in the community who were homeless or would not be able to wake up to presents on Christmas morning. The event was held in Clemson, South Carolina and there were fifty families involved, which were all preselected before the event took place. Freshman Annie Bowen says “I think it is really cool how teammates are supporting the people in their community by giving them something they will always remember.”

Shaq Lawson, one of the former players who helped create this event, says that he remembered the times when his family was not able to have a happy holiday due to having to work and find ways just to make enough money to survive off of, so they were excited to be a part of this so they can make a difference to people throughout the upstate. According to WYFF4, Lawson’s mother said: “It was such a blessing to give back to the community.” While Lawson followed up saying that he enjoys giving back to the community he grew up in and he wished that he had this opportunity when growing up.