Goodbye to The Good Place


Amanda Wampler, Staff Reporter

When a great TV show ends, it is something completely bittersweet. It is very hard to say goodbye to shows, especially ones with deep emotional connections. The Good Place was hard for many reasons. Not only did viewers have to say goodbye to the show itself, but they also had to give up the characters, the good place, and the bad place. The last two episodes flipped the path of the show and gave the characters the true end to the story they deserved. *Read with caution, spoilers ahead*

The Good Place tackled the question of “life after death” with ease and a whole lot of comedy. In this story, people were sent to the good place or the bad place, clear cut by the points they earned throughout their lives. Throughout the shows four winding seasons, the characters went from the fake good place, the bad place, the middle place, and everywhere in between in order to fix the broken system. By the end of the show, the four characters, Chidi, Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani finally ended up in the real good place with Michael and Janet. They fixed the system and created a just good place where they could spend eternity before passing through an ominous door, and leaving this existence forever. As heavy as this plot line may sound, the show was created to bring lightness to the heavy questions that plague humans. With comedy, romance, and friendship, The Good Place successfully captivated viewers and left them reaching for a box of tissues as the four humans finish out their lives in the good place and pass on. Junior Jessica Wampler said “I loved the show through all the seasons and the ending was so good. I cried but I really loved it.”

Seeing a true end to these characters is sad but joyful. There is a comfort in knowing that the show ended with no loose ends, and the creators did a great job of making sure each of the humans had a fulfilling end. Jason played the best video game, Tahni grew close with her parents and then became a good place architect, Chidi lived out his life with Eleanor, and Eleanor helped Michael find his perfect life as a human on earth. By the end of the show, everything was wrapped up so nicely that all that was left to do was feel content with the ending.