Design/Build/Launch Comes to WHHS

Thanks to AIAA for providing this image.

Avery P.

Thanks to AIAA for providing this image.

Avery Pollock, Staff Reporter

The future of aerospace is here, and with it comes the next generation of aerospace engineers. Fortunately for the students here at WHHS, a new opportunity has just opened up for those who have an avid interest in the aerospace field. Partnered by AIAA and Blue origin, it is called Design/Build/Launch and our own Mrs. Leavitt is offering a few good students to partner in a contest to send a payload on a flight to space.

Design/Build/Launch (DBL) was created to incite innovation within the next generation of aerospace professionals, and now that it is here at WHHS as well as many other high schools , many opportunities have opened for students. According to the AIAA website, AIAA “invites high school students to develop creative research proposals in the fields of microgravity science or space technology, pairing your experiment with a public outreach plan to share the excitement of the field with others.” AIAA includes all of the directions needed to submit a proposal for the top pick on their website which includes who can enter, the role of the factory mentors, what should be included in the proposal, and prize awards. A meeting for WHHS students interested in participating was held on February 11 in room 309 to learn more about the rules and to formulate ideas, but those interested that did not attend the meeting can still find all of the details necessary on the AIAA website provided. Junior McKenzie Hall had this to say regarding what she thinks about the program: “It seems like something new and interesting for students to consider.”

So, for those out there with a keen interest in the aerospace world of technology and innovation, the AIAA and Blue Origin partnered program might be something to consider. The deadlines for all proposals are due on April 3, 2020, and the winning experiment will be flying in the year 2021