Crossfire: Is College Too Expensive?

March 4, 2020


Overpriced Education

Overpriced Education

One of the biggest stresses for high school students is the looming fear of college. From the challenging classes to a possibly new city, college freshman have a lot to deal with, and the cost is just something to pile on top. The fear of going into debt can hold students back from reaching their full potential. The cost of college in the US has grown so high, that an affordable education is becoming more and more out of reach. 

Higher education in American has become more of a necessity over the years. Future employers are looking more at graduate degrees than undergraduate degrees, making the price of college even more shocking. Some private schools cost up to $70,000, and many professions require more schooling after that. As young adults, the stress of being in thousands of dollars in debt is too high and should not be such a big concern. Cost of college should be lowered, and access to public colleges and two year programs should be easily accessed. In Greenville, students are lucky to have the opportunity to attend Greenville Tech for two year for little to no cost, and this benefit should be expanded all over the country. 

Almost all current seniors are looking at college with fear of the cost. Senior Lauren Strange said “I applied to a lot of private schools but all their costs are so high. I feel like the costs should at least be lowered to allow more students to get a good education.” In the future, there will hopefully be a decline in the cost of college, rather than the steep inclined trend that has been seen. 

College: Is it Too Expensive?

Colleges are rising their tuition's, but for good reason.

Colleges are rising their tuition's, but for good reason.

As seniors prepare to end their high school careers, they are met with huge decisions on where to go for college. Deciding the perfect school for them involves many factors and one of them being the cost of the college. Many argue that colleges have increased their prices too much, and because of this, students do not have as many options for after high school education. However, colleges have also created better programs and are creating opportunities for students that are better than they have ever been. And in order to develop better programs, colleges need money. 

The rising tuition of colleges is because of the demand for excellent facilities and programs. Students are coming into college, having lived cushioned lives and expect the same for their next education career. Colleges are expected to spend their money on nice dorms and food to keep students and parents happy. Students also expect an exceptional education based on the amount of money they are paying to attend the school. Government taxes are not enough to pay for everything expected of colleges; therefore, their tuition increases for the good of the students. Junior Jack Garrison agrees and said, “Colleges do not have too high of tuition because they are just trying to do their best for students. Maybe people should be blaming the government, rather than the college”. Colleges are raising prices to help students, so before complaining about the high college tuition, do research, and see the fantastic advances in today’s education. 

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