Could Your Grandpa Be the Next Bachelor?

A new version of The Bachelor is in the works for senior citizens.

Tim Kiusalaas / Masterfile

A new version of The Bachelor is in the works for senior citizens.

Avery Haan, Staff Reporter

During the episode of The Bachelor Monday night February 25th, ABC producers announced that they will be creating another spin-off of the popular show:  The Bachelor for seniors. The casting call said, “Are you entering your golden years and looking for romance? The producers of The Bachelor are looking for active and outgoing single men and women in their golden years for a new exciting dating show.”

The call is only open to those who are 65 and older. Hardly any other details have been revealed about the show, however, there is a possibility that the show may be filmed in Boca Raton, FL. After a fan suggested this on social media, producer Robert Mills replied, “I always say the audience are the best producers.”

One critic has expressed excitement at the prospect of this new spin-off. David Oliver remarked, “A dating show about senior citizens looking for love would be far more interesting and thought-provoking than the usual trashy, trivial fair we have on television.” He also mentioned that dating on this show would be more meaningful and real. Mature contestants could bring sureness and solidarity along with them, unlike younger 20-something contestants who are just looking to run around and have fun. Oliver also said, “This beats the hollow ‘I love that’ and people unsure about what they are actually looking for because they’re too immature to get engaged in the first place.”

Many others are excited for this spin-off, like junior Annie Black who exclaimed, “I think that this spin-off would be really fun and entertaining to watch!”