Hong Kong Ballet Cancels at the Peace Center due to the Coronavirus


The Hong Kong Ballet celebrates it's 40th year even while having to cancel it's United States tour.

Madison Brothers, Staff Reporter

The Hong Kong Ballet has recently canceled their performance at the Peace Center due to the coronavirus outbreak. The performance was scheduled for April and was prepared to include local ballet companies in their performance of “Alice” (in Wonderland). Auditions began in January and practices started in February, so some are upset about the cancellation. Many of the local ballet companies have dancers ranging from 7 to 18 and they have been preparing for the performance for weeks now. Due to the cancellation, the students will be performing a small performance of the dance they had been working on for the parents. The Hong Kong Ballet has apologized for the cancellation, but they did it to keep everyone in the community safe and healthy. Junior Caroline Mathis said, “It is a shame that they had to cancel their performance, but I would rather be healthy then go see a ballet.” They are working on finding another time to continue their tour. 

The Hong Kong Ballet is one of Asia’s top ballet companies and travels the world to perform their one of a kind ballet performances. Celebrating their 40th year since opening, they are recruiting dancers from all over the world and win competitions internationally. They have completed almost 50 tours in eleven different countries all while maintaining a community presence. Most known for their sophisticated dances and amazing choreographers, they continue to remain one of the most respected dance companies in the world.