2017-2018 Staff

Lucy Garcia


Lucy Garcia is the co-editor of the Herald, and a junior with an ambition to change the world. This is her second year reporting on the Herald staff. During the school week, she spends much of her time at her clubs and extracurricular activi...

Nigel Ice

Staff Reporter

Nigel Ice is a Senior at Wade Hampton and is very funny, fun, and amazing to be around. He enjoys video games, rap music, and watching Netflix while eating pizza rolls. Sleeping is another one of his hobbies and is his favorite....

Trea' Jones

Staff Reporter

Trea' Jones is a first year staff reporter. He is a junior, and hopes to pusue a career in journalism after high school. He is a returning letterman for the varsity football team. His favorite TV shows are The Flash and other DC...

Amanda Wampler

Staff Reporter

Amanda Wampler is a sophomore and a first year staff reporter for The Herald. She was born in Westerville, Ohio and moved to South Carolina when she was 13. She is passionate about learning and studying the French language and also...