2017-2018 Staff

Lauren Fels

Staff Reporter

Lauren Fels is a senior at Wade Hampton High School and this is her first year as a staff reporter for The Herald.  In her free time, she enjoys fulfilling her adventurous spirit with hiking and spending time with her friends....

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Nigel Ice

Staff Reporter

Nigel Ice is a sophomore and this is his first year as a staff reporter for the Herald. He enjoys listening to hip hop and watching old movies. His usual lunch consists on a cup of mandarin oranges, smuckers without the crust,...

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Hailey McCoy


Hailey McCoy is a Senior at Wade Hampton and a co-editor for The Herald. She is actively involved in Future Business Leaders of America, and is part of the Yearbook Staff at Wade Hampton. She aspires to be a graphic design a...

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Trea' Jones

Staff Reporter

Trea' Jones is a first year staff reporter. He is a junior, and hopes to peruse a career in journalism after high school. He is a returning letterman for the varsity football team. His favorite TV shows are The Flash and other...

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Amanda Wampler

Staff Reporter

Amanda Wampler is a Sophomore and a first year staff reporter for The Hearld.  She was born in Westerville, Ohio and moved to South Carolina when she was 13. She is passionate about learning and studying the French language...

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Jordan Foster

Staff Reporter

Jordan Foster is a senior, first year staff reporter for The Herald; This will sadly be her first and last year on the staff. Her ultimate goal in life is to find a career where she can make money from sleeping. Netflix and Chick...

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Yery Rivera

Staff Reporter

Yery Rivera is a senior. This is her first year as a staff reporter of the Herald. Yery is a really quiet person until she is more comfortable with you. She was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras but was raised most of her life...

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Lucy Garcia


Lucy Garcia is the co-editor of the Herald, and a junior with an ambition to change the world. This is her second year reporting on the Herald staff. During the school week, she spends much of her time at her clubs and extracurricular activi...

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Carley Beam

Staff Reporter

Carley Beam is a second-year staff reporter for the WHHS Herald. She is a Senior and she plays multiple sports, including varsity volleyball and varsity softball. She enjoys writing reviews for the newspaper but she also likes t...

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Juliana Franco

Staff Reporter

Juliana is a second year senior staff reporter on The Herald staff and her first year as the Yearbook Co-Editor. Her ultimate goal in life is to  travel the world while pursuing a career in business. While she's living abroad, she plans...

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Callie Harrelson

Staff Reporter

Callie Harrelson is a senior at Wade Hampton and has been a part of The Herald for three years. She is a staff reporter, as well as a Yearbook Editor. She loves Chick-fil-A (especially Polynesian sauce) and could eat watermel...

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Allyssa Maloney

Staff Reporter

Allyssa Maloney is a senior and has been a staff reporter for The Herald for three years. She is a tree-huggin' hippie and surrounds her life with positive vibes. You can catch her singing everywhere she goes or reading her fav...

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Zoie Poole

Staff Reporter

Zoie Poole is a Senior at Wade Hampton High School and has been a staff reporter on The Herald newspaper for two years now. She is an avid reader and a vicious Netflix binger. If you ever need a buddy to watch Grey’s Anatomy...

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