Avery Pollock
Avery Pollock, junior at Wade Hampton High, comes from a small family of four, along with two very irritable Chihuahuas. Born and raised in Greenville, he is someone most would describe as a quiet individual, and overall someone that doesn't really stand out as much as others. While this may be true, Avery has always wanted to help others stand out and have their experience and passions stand out to others who may not know much about it. One of the main reasons Avery joined the publications staff at Wade Hampton was his pursuit of bringing attention to things that others may call minuscule. Things such as students' accomplishments in their core classes, as well as their passion in their after school activities or clubs. This is what Avery truly believes makes a student's experience within high school. Avery always likes to hear about students involvement in their clubs as well as their experiences in their academic classes. If Avery isn’t found watching long YouTube documentaries about random events, keeping his Snapchat streaks, or desperately stressing over his school work, he is usually pondering about what he can bring more attention to at our school for all to see.

Avery Pollock, Staff Reporter

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