Juliana Franco
Juliana is a second year senior staff reporter on The Herald staff and her first year as the Yearbook Co-Editor. Her ultimate goal in life is to  travel the world while pursuing a career in business. While she's living abroad, she plans on experiencing different cultures while living a life of simplicity. During her free time you’ll probably find Juliana watching emotional wedding videos on YouTube or running outside. (Yes. She actually likes running for fun.) If you ever find yourself in the car with her be prepared to listen to romantic indie music, specifically John Mayer so be prepared with some tissues. Whenever she’s not jammin' or watching sappy videos you will most likely find her adventuring with friends or stressing over college. If you want to be friends with her just give her a pint of Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough and she’ll love you forever.

Juliana Franco, Staff Reporter

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